MTB- 802 is an embedded industrial SBC powered by 
Rockchip quad core CPU RK3288 ,bring its Mali-T764 GPU,it's particularly suitable for harsh/demanding industrial applications and public space applications. MTB-802  could be extended for rich peripheral interfaces.   


RockChip ARM RK3288 quad core Cortex-A17 quad core 1.6GHz Android 6.0 
on board 2GB DDR3 1600 MHz 
on board 16GB eMMC,extensible support  32GB/64GB 
1 *dual 8 LVDS  1* HDMI extensible support 
1 * eDP Video output 
1 * Mini PCIE 
4 * USB 2.0-A,1 * OTG(Micro USB) 
4 * RS232,Intraplate 2.54mm Dupont needle
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